Used Tractors

Used Tractors

Used Tractors that are up for sale, especially on the eBay auctions website, offer an economical and efficient way for the business owner to obtain the type and configuration of tractor that he or she needs. Click here to see all the tractors, loaders and backhoes available right now.

Used Tractor For Sale

The economical benefit of a tractor for sale by the owner is obvious. Getting a pre-owned tractor lets the business owner have the needed tool for the job at a lower price than a new model.

Efficiency is enhanced because listings of used tractors provide a wide selection of makes and models in various attachment and option configurations. After acquiring and utilizing this tractor, re-selling it on the used market can in many instances recover nearly the full amount of the owner's investment.

Used Tractors

Convenient access to eBay's used, new and reconditioned tractors marketplace follows:

  1. Home Page

  2. New Holland Tractors Listings

  3. John Deere Tractor For Sale Page

  4.  Compact Tractors Sale Page


Tractor Safety Tips - Please operate your tractors safely.

Tractor safety advice for tractor-riding farmers and construction professionals: If you get stuck, BACK out. Putting on enough steam to go forward might cause the tractor to rear up and flip. And the experts have figured out that you have only two-fifths of a second to bail out and get clear when a tractor flips.

Eight rules for safe operation of farm tractors have been listed by former State Agriculture Secretary Leland H. Bull "particularly for the benefit of the many young men and boys who are doing farm work this summer for the first time."

Tractors, he said, figure in most farm power accidents, and of all tractor mishaps, upsets are the most common "These young operators," Secretary |
Bull urged, "should be taught to recognize tractor hazards and how to avoid them."

He offered these suggestions:

  1. Drive slowly — for safety and for greater efficiency. Tractors are designed for power, not speed.
  2. Drive cautiously. A hidden bump or ditch can flip the machine over or pitch the operator off.
  3. Drive on public highways only when absolutely necessary, and then preferably when traffic is lightest.
  4. Use extra caution on slopes. Avoid those that are too steep.
  5. Climb steep grades in reverse to avoid flipping the machine over backward. Going down grade keep the machine in gear, but don't try to handle heavy loads.
  6. Pull only from the drawbar. A load hitched to the axle or seat bracket can pull the tractor over backward.When pulling really heavy loads, add front end weights to keep the tractor balanced.If the tractor wheels stick in a ditch or deep mud hole get help. Something must turn when power is applied. If the wheels can't, the rest of the tractor will.

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