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John Deere 4630 manufactured in years 1973 to 1977.
Question: What hp is a jd 4630?
Answer: JD 4630 has 150 hp at the pto - engine horsepower is 166 hp approximately.
Question: How much does a jd 4630 weigh?
Answer: The JD 4630 weight is 16000 lbs [7371 kg] approximately.
The John Deere 4630 Tractor market is active year-round but with an average of
only 30 auction sales per year. Based on 32 auction sales in the 2014 calendar year,
the John Deere 4630, at 166 hp and produced from 1973 to 1977, had an average
sale price of about $11,700.
Because of the small number of 4630's for sale this listing is likely to include
other John Deere tractor models as well as 4630 engines and parts.

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The tractors' prices ranged from a JD 4630 in good condition with 9300 hours
and 20.8-38 rear tires selling for $4750 at the low end to a 1976 model with
8100 original hours but only 150 hours since a general overhaul and 18.4-38 rear
tires that sold for $23,000.

In the first half of 2015, twenty-two JD 4630's were sold at prices nearly identical to those of 2014.

In 2013 the average selling price for the JD model 4630 was only $9,760 on 27 tractor auction sales
with a price range of from $3,800 to $17,350.

We know of 38 John Deere 4630 auction sales in 2012, with the tractors' average sales price being
approximately $10,400 and the range being from $4700 up to almost $21,000.


Fuel No 2 Diesel Cetane No 54.5 (rating taken from oil company's typical inspection data)
Specific gravity converted to 60 0 /60 0 0.8342
Weight per gallon 6.946 lb Oil SAE 30
API service classification John Deere Torq-Gard or CD-SD
To motor  3.881 gal
Drained from motor 3.347 gal
Transmission and final drive lubricant John Deere Special 303 oil
Total time engine was operated 47 hours


John Deere Diesel Type 6 cylinder with turbo-charger and intercooler
Crankshaft Mounted lengthwise
Rated rpm 2200
Bore and stroke
4.25" x 4.75"
Compression ratio 16.0 to 1
Displacement 404 cu. in.
Cranking system electrical (two 6 volt batteries)
Air cleaner pre-cleaner and two dry type in-series with replaceable treated paper elements
Oil filter full flow with replaceable paper cartridge
Oil Cooler engine coolant heat exchanger for crankcase oil and radiator for transmission and
hydraulic system
Fuel filter sediment bowl with screen and replaceable paper primary and secondary filter elements Mumer
was used.
Cooling medium temperature control thermostat
CHASSIS Type standard
Tread width
rear 63.0" to 105.6"
front 56.0" to 80.0"
Wheel base 112.7"
Center of gravity (without operator or ballast, with minimum tread, with fuel tank filled and tractor
serviced for operation)
Horizontal distance forward from center-line of rear wheels 34.7"
Vertical distance above roadway 43.8"
Horizontal distance from center of rear wheel tread 0.7"
to the left
Hydraulic control system direct engine drive
Transmission selective gear fixed ratio with operator controlled full range power shifting
Advertised speeds mph first 1.7, second 2.4, third 3.7, fourth 4.8, fifth 6.2, sixth 8.1,
seventh 10.5, eighth 17.7, reverse 2.0, 2.9, 4.5, and 5.9
Clutch wet multiple discs operated hydraulically
Brakes wet disc hydraulically power actuated by two foot pedals that can be locked together
Steering hydrostatic
Turning radius (on concrete surface with brake applied) right 155" left 155"
(on concrete surface without brake) right 174" left 174"
Turning space diameter (on concrete surface with brake applied) right 310" left 310"
(on concrete suface without brake) right 348" left 348"
Power take-off 1002 rpm at 2200 engine rpm.
Please note: John Deere 4630 parts for sale may appear on this page due to JD 4630 in their title.

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