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The Massey-Ferguson tractor company is the result of the merger, in 1953, of tractor and
farm equipment pioneer Harry Ferguson's tractor manufacturing company and the Massey-Harris
company that specialized in self-propelled combine harvesters. Their first joint effort was to produce
two different bodied tractors with identical mechanics. They were the Ferguson 40 and the MH50, based on their
predecessor the Ferguson 35. The first Red and Grey Massey-Ferguson Company tractor came out in
1957 with Perkins engines. Successors to the MF35 include the MF50, MF65 and the MF85. New
tractors introduced in 1976 were the 1505 and the 1805 models, powered by 174 horsepower V8 diesel
Caterpillar engines.

In the 1980's several new machines were manufactured. The 3000 Series tractors had available a
six-cylinder V6, 190hp turbo-diesel engine. The MF 398 was a smaller diesel-powered tractor
with a 3867cc/236cu. in. engine 4x4 transmission. Model 2685 was one of three 1986 2005-Series
tractors: 2645, 2685, 2725, and had the 142-horsepower Perkins turbo-diesel 5800cc/353.8cu. in.engine.
They all had a 4WD transmission with 16 forward gears and 12 in reverse.

In the eighties, the Massey-Ferguson Company turned out four models of tractor in the MF600 Series.
They were the MF675, MF690, MF698T and the highest powered MF699 with a 100hp. engine.
In the same decade came the 2775 with a 640cu-in Perkins V8 powerhouse. In 1994 the
Massey-Ferguson Company became part of AGCO. The MF362 4WD of 1998 has a 4-cylinder
Perkins diesel engine, 60 PTO hp, 62bhp, eight forward gears and 2 in reverse, with a weight
of 5877lbs or 2666kg.

The 1198 MF32 Conventional Combine weighs 22,706 pounds, has a Valmet 620DSL engine, cranking
out 129kW or 175 DIN hp of power, and a hydrostatic transmission.

Massey-Ferguson makes loaders, including the MF844 that can lift over 4000 lbs. to a max height of
over 12 feet, and is designed for use with tractors in the sixty to ninety horsepower range. The company
manufactures a range of tractors with PTO hp from 37 to 180, and in addition conventional combine
harvesters, rotary combine harvesters, rectangular balers, variable chamber round balers, forage harvesters,
and more.

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